Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Birth Story

Last week I got to be a part of my niece's birth. Since my brother is currently serving in the Air Force on the other side of the world, he and his wife asked me to be there and take pictures for him since he wasn't able to be there in person. I was honored and so excited to be there! My sister-in-law was amazing! So strong and beautiful through the entire thing!
My brother was able to "participate" via facetime on the iPhone and iPad.
I loved hearing that new baby cry, and watching her body and fingers slowly change from purple to pink. Birth is such an amazing miracle!
I loved witnessing the emotions of a mother with her newborn child. I think this mother was especially full of emotions. I was touched by what she said about it.

"i had many mixed emotions when (she) was born. i was relieved, soooo happy, and so sad at the same time. sad that my husband was on the other side of the world when one of our babies was born... but, under the circumstances, we were able to make the best of it. the wifi never went out, and he was able to witness the birth as much as was possible. still, i got a little teary eyed holding my baby girl and looking at my husband through the iPad."
Boy, it makes my heart go out to the men and women who serve our country!
Everyone continued to ooh and aah over this cutie through all of the routine care.
She was so alert and kept looking around at this new world of hers.
So sweet! And so perfect!
Welcome to the world sweet baby girl!